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Trim & Molding Services

A room is not finished until it has been properly accented by trim and moldings. Don’t leave your room looking bare. We invite any of our Raleigh, NC customers to consider a quick and easy installation of window trim, crown moldings, or baseboard. These are all low cost, simple to install ways to boost both your aesthetic enjoyment and the monetary value of your home.

Ceiling Cornice



Window trim is the difference between a plain, unremarkable window and an elegant and stylish addition to your home. See what a difference a few feet of trim can make in the feel of a room. Homeowners have long recognized the value added by properly dressed windows, and now is the perfect time for you to consider completing the look of your home with some fashionable and tasteful window trim.



It is remarkable how much of a difference a few simple lengths of wood or plaster can make to the character of a room. We offer customers a wide variety of styles of crown molding, ranging from the chic and stylish to the classic and refined. They draw the eye higher in the room, creating the illusion of more space, and they make the room more visually appealing. You will love the feeling of luxury that crown molding can bring to a room.


In addition to protecting your walls from bangs and scuffs, baseboard moldings are the final piece that will bring the room together. In a complementary or contrasting color to your wall paint, baseboard moldings create an accent that adds depth and a touch of class.

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